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You are called to greatness, and it is going to take a concerted effort in all areas of your life. That means raising your family, building your marriage, growing the business, deepening in prayer, trying to not be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff to do, and if possible catching a breath.

Your faith is your foundation, and upon that rock you shall build your life and work.

What are you building?

Not to belabor the analogy, however the foundation may be solid but erecting the structure has proven challenging or you have become stuck with part of the plans. Your life and its many parts is a continuous project of ever greater becoming, and I would be honored to be there by your side.

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The purposes in the human mind are like deep water, but the intelligent will draw them out.

 Proverbs 20:5

What is Christian Coaching?

Coaching is assistance in the rational process. Simply put, I help you slow down, think more clearly, make your own conscious decisions, and stick to them over the long-term so that you achieve your goals. I offer a second perspective and ask you questions that when answered bring the clarity you need to move forward.

The specifically Christian aspect makes this a prayerful exercise. We open with prayer, humbly imploring the Lord for the illumination of our intellects and inspiration of our wills. Although we may not hear direct, audible words, we can make ourselves open to the guidance of the Holy Ghost. The aim is always ultimately to bring glory to God and fulfill His call for you.

Is This Just Spiritual Direction Under a Different Name?

Absolutely not! I am a layman and not clergy, so I do not possess the faculties for which you may hope in a spiritual director. Additionally, the object of spiritual direction is your spiritual life and is a directive activity, whereas the object of coaching is your secular life and is non-directive. A spiritual director may address something in your secular life just as we may talk about something in your spiritual life, but the overlap in no way makes them the same activity.

How Does This Work?

Individual coaching sessions are 50-minute one-on-one phone conversations, sometimes videos if it is preferred, and follow a standard format as follows:

  • Intention: we sift through the various needs, wants, and desires that stir in your heart and choose one to pursue which is most efficacious
  • Discernment: we then make effort to understand the aspects of the desire, implications of actions you may take, and the circumstance surrounding
  • Commitment: we finally resolve to take action, make a change in thought, or otherwise commit to an act of the will, be it in thought, in word, in action, and even intentional inaction.

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